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Radoje Domanović (1873–1908) is one of the most famous Serbian satirists, and the first writer in Serbian literature whose main body of work consists of satirical novels and short stories. This website is dedicated to a wider popularization of his work, and Serbian culture in general. This voluntary and non-profit project was initiated in 2013, and by the end of 2015, all of his original works in Serbian have been digitized and published. Most of his works have never been available on-line before. Website was also expanded with a detailed vocabulary of archaic and provincial words that Radoje used in his works, and his detailed biography and bibliography.

After the main work of digitization of original works was completed, project continued expanding with translations. Some of Radoje’s most iconic works have been translated into several European languages, and there are also Armenian, Chinese and Esperanto translations. This work is still ongoing, and you can find the already published translations on separate language pages below.

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